Thursday, 28 July 2011

no more stress and worry


well hello there! today i want to talk about cleanliness. cleanliness is a part of our life.....dah2 cukup2 merapu. tak habis2 mat luthfi ya. ok back to the reality. apa khabar semua? semua sihat hari ni? moga anda semua sihat-sihat belaka. inshaAllah....alhamdulillah hari ini Allah kurniakan saya dengan kesihatan yang baik. syukur untuk itu.

today i'm really happy! because why? because i've done my hafazan test.yahooooo! alhamdulillah..for 3 days i'm get a stress because worried to much about the test. and today all my stress have fly away~huuuuuuu~hehe...happy enough. no more stress and worry.  thanks Allah. without Your help i can't done this test. eh, wait for a second. shuhaida are you forget that you have to seat for your pre-test next week? so....what? so you still need to worry. ahhhhhhhh!!!!! i can't take it anymore. ok now get up and switch off your laptop and go,go,go study! lazy shuhaida~huuuh ==;

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