Monday, 25 July 2011

i'm back!


well hello you there!
wah..wah..wah..selepas berbulan-bulan lamanya memerah otak dan mencuba daya untuk mengingati kembali password blog ni, lastly this day, i remember it back. alhamdulillah...tangan ni dah lama gatal nak menaip dan nak mengepost entri baru, tapi disebabkan tak boleh buka (sebab lupa password) maka terpaksa dikuburkanlah saja hasrat tersebut.hee~very forgetful shuhaida.

owh ya..forget to ask, all of you fine today? if yes, alhamdulillah! thanks to Allah because still give an oppoturnity for us to stay alive in His world. without His kindness maybe today,we all can't see this world anymore. huu~ alhamdulillah..alhamdulillah

this month and for another month i will be a really busy person. why i say like that? because only 4 month left before spm. ahh!!!! so many subject need to revision. addmath especially...biology,chemistry and sort of that. hmpphh...workhard shuhaida if you want to continue your study in oversea. don't make so many complain! ok i will start my revision now..lets start with memorizing the surah sajadah. this wednesday i will seat for my hafazan test. hopefully, i can pass through it. ameen~ help me Allah..ok see you in the next entry (i hope i still remember my password for the next entry.huhu) sajadah! sajadah! still memorize ke yassin ni?hmmph~

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