Monday, 7 November 2011



just wanna share a poem (maybe), given by my friend. thanks to him. i like this poem so much. it's totally beautiful! make me overwhelmed when read it. i hope, it also will make you all overwhelmed., 1,2,3 set...READ!hihi~

 you asked Allah to take away your habit
Allah said, NO! it is not for me to take away,
but for you to give up...
you asked Allah to make you patience.
Allah said, NO! patience is a by product of
tribulations , it isn't granted, it is learned...
you asked Allah to give you happiness.
Allah said, NO! I give you blessings,
happiness is up to you...
you asked Allah to spare your pain.
Allah said, NO! suffering drows you apart from
worldly cares and brings you closer to me...
 you asked Allah to make your spirit grow.
Allah said, NO! you must grow on your own!
but i will prune you to make you faithful...
you asked Allah for all things that you might enjoy.
Allah said, NO! I will give you life so you may enjoy all things...
you asked Allah to help you love others as much as He loves you.
Allah said, finally you have the idea.
when you asked for strength, and Allah gave you problems to solve.
when you asked for properisty, and Allah gave you brain and brawn to work.
when you asked for courage, and Allah gave you troubled people to help.
when you asked for favours, and Allah gave you opportunities.
so, you received nothing you wanted,
but you received everything you needed.

*thanks also to my friend for this poem. thanks dear! :).btw, salam eiduladha to all muslim

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