Sunday, 22 April 2012

just the way you're



when i'm feel down, when i'm in frustrated, when i'm think that i can't be like them. them, who're superb, osem. have everything more than me. more cute, more smart, more, more and more. immediately this song cross my mind.

tak seperti bintang di langit
tak seperti indah pelangi
kerna diriku bukanlah mereka
ku apa adanya

wajahku kan memang begini
sikapku jelas tak sempurna
ku akui ku bukanlah mereka
ku apa adanya

menjadi diriku
dengan segala kekurangan
menjadi diriku
atas kelebihanku

terimalah aku
seperti apa adanya
aku hanya insan biasa
tak mungkin sempurna

tetap ku bangga
atas apa yang ku punya
setiap yang kunikmati
anugerah hidup yang ku miliki

it's really, really meaningful song for me. when, i'm feel like i'm not like them. i can't be like them. i'm not suitable to be their friend. this song came to calmed me down. it make me realise. i am who i am. i should proud to be who i am. to be myself. grate to be exactly like what Allah had created me. as burno mars said just the way you are. i don't need to be other else. to change all my positive way. so, that they can accept me as their friend.

a lot of people today, fail in their life, because they try to be other else, despite being themself. frankly they think, they will hold the success by be other else. they change their self 360 degree for become other people. truthly, just be yourself, besides try to be other else.

but, it's ok for change. not totally 100 percent change. change your negative ways, to the positive ways. your bad attitude to a nice charming attitude. just remember, change for Allah if you're really want to change. not for mankind.

grateful for who you're. i'm grateful enough. alhamdulillah..

notarasanakcakap:kalau dah terdesak sangat nak jadi orang lain. jadilah orang yang good example "^"

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